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vendredi 23 décembre 2016

Mary Ann Works in Environmental Consulting, living in the 8th

1. How did you end up in Paris? 

I moved to Paris 6 years ago, mainly for 3 reasons:

– I’ve always dreamed of living in Paris (definitely due to that wanderlust blood flowing through my veins). So I was determined to do whatever I could to get here.
– I originally came to do my Masters degree (at Sciences Po Paris). A college education in the US costs a fortune and the French education system was much more affordable in comparison. I ended up getting a job in my field of studies (environment and sustainable development) so decided to stay!
– For a boy.
2. What are the 3 best things about living here? 
This is such a hard question to answer but I’d have to say:
– Waking up to a living, breathing, ever evolving museum of culture and beauty.
– The diversity of the city – in every sense of the word – from the food, the people, the fashion, the architecture, to the different languages heard spoken in the street.
– My friends.
3. What´s your favourite hangout in your arrondisement and why?

The new coffee shop that just opened up on my street (Rue Ramey in the 18th!). It has great coffee (which is not Starbucks) and the barista lets me hang out and work there on Friday afternoons for hours and hours.

4. How do you spend a perfect Sunday? 

Depends on what I’ve done the night before. But normally, waking up when I wake up (without setting my alarm)! Having a yummy brunch in Montmartre or a steaming hot bowl of Pho at Marx Dormoy. Going for a run in the Buttes Chaumont Parc or in Parc Monceau Then in the afternoon, a movie, expo, or Sunday stroll somewhere (depending on the weather), topped off with whatever good book I’m reading in the evening.

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