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How much does the relocation services cost?

It depends on the service you choose but our costs to find a rental property usually range between 480-950€, please get in touch and we’ll let you know exactly what the fee will be based on your specific request.

How do I pay?

You can pay with credit card or bank transfer.

When do I get the deposit back?

According to french law the owners have two months to give back your deposit but rest assured most owners do it way sooner and often the same day as the move out take place.

Can I have the rental contract in English?

No, all the rental contracts will be in French to have legal value. If there are things that are not clear we’re happy to help translate.

Will someone meet me when I arrive?

Yes there will be representative or the owner will be there directly to greet you.

Can I visit apartments?

Yes, if you are in Paris we’re likely to be able to set up visits for you. However if you’re arriving during very busy seasons of the year which are August, September and January and February you’re better off booking without visiting as the apartments tend to get rented very quickly and you might miss the one you want to book if you wait.